Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tot-School-A Summer Review

Kimberly is now 39 months old

It is time to get back to business, Tot-School business. The big kids are on their second week of school and it is slowly evolving into a routine, so it is time to incorporate Kim's Tot-school and Luke's new preschool work into the mix. I believe both littles will work a lot together, I expect tot-school and preschool to look a lot alike this year.

This post is sort of a compilation of what we have been doing over the last few weeks--most of this is family fun! Above is Kimberly enjoying the science museum on a recent trip with the family. Kimmy's favorite spot were these mirrors--she couldn't get enough of them.

Our puzzle skill has really improved this summer.

She still needs help with the edges, but then she takes over and can finish on her own.

We have learned to play dominoes--another big hit.

As a family, we took part in a home summer bible school-Holy Heroes.

I couldn't resist including this juice mustache picture with her Holy Heroes bakers hat.

Kim has been enjoying our Goodnight Moon lapbook. I am so happy when something that we worked hard on is still enjoyed months later.

Kim and Luke have both been learning about the 4 seasons. This is one of our favorite books.

I bought a downloadable preschool unit from CurrClick: the August Book Bag--and this game is one of the included activities---

You roll the homemade dice and then find the proper season activity and put it in the proper place on the game board. Kimmy did very well with this--I was surprised, but the books we read helped her to understand the concept of the different seasons.

We have had a lot of nature time--we all love that!

I think this is some of the best school anyone can enjoy!

We also had a big surprise this past week.

As I did school with the big kids at the table Kim was writing on the chalkboard wall. There was her name, written perfectly. I asked Kim who wrote it for her and she told me she did it herself.

Of course, I made her prove it.

And she did.

That's one proud 3 year old.

She then "helped" Luke write his name---she really did, he needed help!

There hasn't been a lot of crafting around here lately, but we did manage to make these fingerprint bees and beehive.

I love her concentration.

We then used black sharpie marker to "make" the bees. I found this idea here.

Friday we enjoyed Family Fun day at a local park. It was great. Make sure to check out the history of this hot air balloon if you haven't seen this blog in the last few weeks.

Daddy was with us for Family Fun day and helped Kimmy "ring a water bottle".

The idea of Family Fun day was to find easy, healthy activities that are inexpensive that all families can enjoy at home.

Learning to be a circus performer.

She was very good at the obstacle course.

We ended the fun day with free ice cream cones!! It doesn't get any better than that!
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Cathy said...

Wow! I am so impressed with the name writing. Way to go! That is wonderful!

Rhonda said...

You have all had such a wonderful summer. I truly enjoy coming here to visit and seeing all that you do with the kiddos. Such great work. We will begin our new homeschool year on the 31 of this month and I am so excited. Although we did enjoy our summer, it is time to get back to a routine. Enjoy your new year!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Beautiful pictures! I am planning on doing a theme with M about Autumn, and I love that game you showed! Thank you for the link!

Kim said...

I love that seasons game!