Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tot School

Kimberly is now 39 months old
We had another fun Tot School week with Kimberly.
I introduced Kimberly to this rhyming game this week.
She has gone beyond Luke's ability to rhyme, and he is 4, but I am not going to compare the kids. She loves to sit and do schoolwork, while Luke is quite a bit more active.
I placed seven cards on the table at a time and then gave one card to Kim and she found the match. We continued this way until we had gone through all the cards. Science this week was about water and ice. I had frozen a bunch of small toys in big ziploc containers about a week ago and have been waiting for a warm day ever since. Well, it looks like autumn may be here, because the temps are only getting into the 60's this week.
So, we had a chilly afternoon saving the toys from the giant iceberg.
Kimberly worked on her domestic skills.
When you fold laundy for 12 people--there are a lot of washclothes, and Kimberly always hurries to help me fold.
She is great at it.
Daddy took us to the zoo!!
We learned that Kim can move the world,
but it tires her out!
I got the locks and keys out this week.
I bought several locks about a year ago, and all the younger kids enjoy playing with them.
A lot of fine motor skills are needed to get these locks opened with their keys, and Kim was very proud everytime she had success.
Becky spend an afternoon baking with both Kim and Luke.
We all benefited from these tot-school efforts.
Kim is getting very good at doing her Lauri Alphabet Puzzle. She can so it all on her own, but when we are working on identifying letters, I work on one row at a time with her.
Kimberly helped us all make new crayons.
Kimberly had fun coloring with them and building with them.
These turned out very cute!
We received our "new school year" Pre-School Weekly Readers.
Kim loves these, even more than Luke. It adds a lot of fun and variety to Kim's schoolwork.
Reusable mazes were a hit this week.
Kim is doing great with writing.
Our new Tot School tool are these steam puff counting trains.
You can see the complete post about these here.
Kim using the 1-5 trains and does a great job lining the trains up and then counting "smoke" to the matching numbers.
We made a people flip book!
This was one of Kim's favorite funny people!
Check out all of this weeks Tot-School fun at 1+1+1=1.


Tricia said...

You have some great ideas. I was just telling dh how amazed I am at all the stuff you do with the little ones and still run a home and blog with a large family. My poor preschoolers pretty much just color and cut!!

Denise said...

Love the train counting cards!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I really want to make some crayons like that sometime soon! Looks like you had a great week!

cat said...

Lots of great ideas!

spongebob squarepants coloring pages said...

Great ideas..I really love playing with kids.