Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Cousins

Actually, we didn't "meet the cousins" but we had fun enjoying the "up north" cousins' company at Grandma H's today. Although we are from "up north" compared to a lot of you, these folks are really from "up north", near the St. Lawrence River. The biggest excitement is getting our hands on Margie Sue. We haven't seen her since Father's day, and that day we were bundled up in the cold.
Gracie and Margie Sue
Kimberly doesn't seem to believe we gave her Margie to hold.
Mark was thrilled, and didn't really want to give her up.
Grandpa isn't one of the counsins, but this is a great picture of him so I included it here. And anyways, if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be all these kids! (Oh, Grandma helped too)
The girls certainly ruled today.
Emmy, Josie, Grace, Georgia, and Kimberly
Kimmy and Emmy are now best friends.
Grace, Josie and Georgia
Enter Danny, trying to cause trouble
Josie and Mark

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