Saturday, August 22, 2009

A family reunion with very few pictures....

Today we enjoyed a family reunion. It was wonderful gathering, in sweltering, humid heat---some folks might say "oppressive", like me!
We were way too hot, but we made the best of it.
I did bring an assortment of quiet activities for littles-which were enjoyed for a few minutes, the rest of the time was spent in rolicking fun!
Because of the fun, regretfully not many pictures were taken.
Dan and Matt enjoyed a little
horseshoes. Luke played badmitton.
Uncle Steve cooked
I actually got to enjoy 9 of the 10 kids (Becky had to work and came near the end)
Daddy left to spend time at the hospital with his mom, and he was missed, but we made do as best we could without him.
There were between 75 to 100 Hesler relatives, most of whom I have no photos.
The kids had a big game of kickball.
My sister Sue was blessed to have 7 of 8 of her children with her today (we missed you Cassie and Roger) and her 8 grandchildren.
Our Elsie Rae of Sunshine!
Gracie and Georgia
"Swing your partner!"

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mommytoalot said...

Those are some great pictures. I would so love to have a family reunion. Our family is just not that close :-(