Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodnight Moon--Lapbook

I haven't made a lapbook for the youngest in the house is quite a while, so over the last week, with everyone's help, I put together this Goodnight Moon lapbook.

Many of the printables can be found at the One little, two little blog. A few of the other elements were found at Homeschool Share.

Since the Kim and Luke are working on numbers and counting I made this simple matching activity using socks (which are featured in the book.)Here you can see the sock counting element in the lapbook. I printed the letter M book (M for moon) from First-School.
Another "homemade" activity for this lapbook are the puzzles. I copied the cover off the book Goodnight Moon and two other books with "moon" themes. I printed them on cardstock and then cut them up to make puzzles. I made pockets to hold the different puzzles.
These have been a BIG hit.
I cut the puzzles into nine pieces, and this seems to provide just the right amount of challenge without upsetting the kids.
Luke was so proud the first time he succeeded!
Another "book" puzzle
Kimberly's favorite "moon" theme book seems to be Barnyard Lullaby. So this also became a puzzle.
The inside front flap. The clock is used for number recognition. This printable is found at Homeschool share.
The "let's count" book and the following "Goodnight Moon ABC mini book" came from One Little, Two Little.
I love this little ABC book.
We already enjoy many moon and nighttime nursery rhymes, so I made this book using the printables found here. We colored the cover and then painted over it with watercolor paint, creating a crayon resist painting.
Inside are our poems and songs.
Make sure to also get aquainted with the book Goodnight Moon 1 2 3 for more Goodnight Moon fun.


Rhonda said...

Great lapbook!

Renee said...

Joann, this is an AWESOME lapbook!!! What fun your children have had with everything here, love it. I was able to catch up on your blog this week, loved all those beautiful face pictures from members of your lovely family. Of course your new header is wonderful and you are such an inspiration to many in general. God bless!

Liz said...

I LOVE IT!! We skipped Goodnight Moon in our BFIAR studies, mostly because we've read it soooo much! Now I'm thinking of going back and getting a lapbook done!
Thanks for the great ideas and you all did such a fabulous job!

Jennifer said...

I love this lapbook. I think this'll have to be the next one I make. Thank you for sharing!

One Little, Two Little said...

What a great lapbook you've created! I especially love the puzzles and number match game you've made.