Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We are on week three of school this week, and the temperatures have been in the 90's the last few days so we have been inside.
Instead of hitting the books this morning, I called a "puzzle day."
So, that's what we did, puzzles!
Everyone got into the fun, and it was a good distraction from the heat.
Luke did it all himself!
Kim got some help from Laura.
This puzzle is bigger than she is
Laura then moved on to helping Grace with the new panoramic puzzle--it was a challenge for Grace.
Luke working on his "big machines" puzzle wrapped in a blanket because the window air-conditioner is running in the living room and he was cold.....brrrrrr.....
Great job, Grace!
Kimmy sneaking a picture with Luke's puzzle!

Mark finishes one while listening to the soundtrack to My Fair Lady, what a guy!
Kimmy posing with a puzzle she really did herself!!
Lightning McQueen----and Luke still wrapped in a blanket....
Lunch time and still working hard.
We did save all the puzzles so Daddy could see them when he got home from work---but then got busy with a little "real school".
But what is it "real school", I dare to ask.


Rhonda said...

That's a great school day if you ask me! Love the puzzles!

Tricia said...

An absolutely perfect way to stay out of the heat. Looks like a typical "take a break day" for us too. I love days like this.

Jessie Mae said...

Wow great job guys (and gals). You have lots of puzzles! Maybe this morning will be a puzzle day for us. Elsie saw the pictures and said she wants to do puzzles "just like they". ;) Hope to see you all this weekend!