Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are heading down to the farm

We have begun a few weeks of "fun on the farm". I haven't planned many activities, but I do have about 20 books about farms, farmers, and farm animals.
Today we concentrated on farmers.
The nursery rhyme we learned today is Little Boy Blue. I found this very cute printable shape activity of Little Boy Blue for Kim and Luke to glue together. I found it at First-School.

Luke did a great job on this. I cut the pieces out but the kids put them together.
We also colored tractors which I used in a farm display we are putting up on our wall chalkboard.
I love our Little Boy Blues sleeping in the hay.
I have gotten a couple of new puzzles and games specific to our farm theme.
This Galt Farm Floor puzzle is just great.
It has pieces shaped like animals and a tractor. Kim and Luke loved these pieces, and they played with them for quite a while.
This is the puzzle with the animals elsewhere.
We also opened a new game today: Life on the Farm. This is a perfect game for preschoolers.
"Just draw a card and match colors to move along the game mat. It's fun to take turns! Land on an animal square and find the matching animal to put into the barn puzzle - Fill the barn with farm animals and you win!"Amazon review
Keep checking back for more "fun on the farm" there is a lot more to come.

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Rhonda said...

All of these farm activities reminded me of when Lindsay was working on her farm theme last year. I have a little story for you to read here:
Enjoy it. :0)