Monday, March 30, 2009

Unplugged Project-Books-A whole lot of feathers...

This weeks Unplugged Project is BOOKS, and is graciously being hosted by Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile.
If you have visited my blog before, you know that we enjoy books, many, many books and keeping with our "farm" theme , we are again, "down on the farm."
Today we honor the poultry among us. We enjoyed roosters,
a "loose goose",
and a mystery chick.
After reading our books, I found these cute printables from Homeschool share. I use the search feature often at this site to find activities pertaining to a certain book or subject. We usually are NOT making a lapbook, but I print out the activities to use by themselves.
The printable above is "the story of an egg."
I simply printed this out and then discussed the proper sequencing of events and then let the kids practice their new skill.
I also found a cute printable song book at this site. This has an animal sound song written to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus. It was a big hit.
We also made these extremely cute chickens, from this kit.
Our house is becoming a make-believe farm with all the farm crafts we have been making lately. Make sure to check out our past "down on the farm" crafts.
Also, make sure you check out the other great Unplugged: Books posts.
Next week, the Unplugged theme is: WORDS. It will be back at the original site, Unplug Your Kids.


Infant Bibliophile said...

I've been enjoying your farm theme, since I subscribe to your site; very impressed with how much you do for your lucky kids. (I left you an award on my blog awhile back - hope you saw it). :)

Christine said...

I am always amazed by what you do with your little ones. I wish you could come to my house.

Crescent Moon said...

Those chickens are very cute!

So Smrt said...

Thanks for the links! I will be usng them.

Rhonda said...

Those chickens are just so cute! I am really loving this theme. You are all doing such a great job!