Monday, March 2, 2009

No Snowstorm Here!

We had no snowstorm, but we are awfully tired of winter around here! The high temperature today was 15 degrees and they predict more of the same for the next few days.
You can tell winter should be over when we can't find matching mittens and the only hats left are too big. I knit mittens all fall, and this is what we end up with by March--NOT MUCH!
We aren't even used to the sun anymore-as you can tell by Gracie!
Notice the mittens!
It is 15 degrees and Laura has given up hats and mittens, or maybe she couldn't find any.
Oh, Look! There are Laura's gloves, don't tell Mark they are girl gloves.
I really don't think this is Gracie's hat!
Well, the good thing is is that we move the clocks forward next weekend--I am sure that will do the trick--the flowers will bloom, the birds will return, all the lost mittens will return to the box--we can make it--I know we can!


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Ellen and I did your Stations Candle craft yesterday. They came out so beautifully. Thanks for such a great idea. Miss Claire didn't have any trouble with the tearing of the tissue or the gluing part. We are looking forward to doing stations of the cross tomorrow night.

Laura said... take that picture of me off, my eyes are all squinted and funny looking

Rhonda said...

I just love all of those hats and mittens. I am sending some sunshine your way. We are getting plenty here. :0)