Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old MacDonald Had a Farm-activities

Today we had fun reenacting Old MacDonald Had a Farm with our farm animals.
I found these great printables at Kidsparkz. We made this a game by turning the cards over and as we sang "Old MacDonald" one of the kids would pick a card and then that is the animal sound we would sing.
We then put the card down on the "farm" and we found the matching toy animals and put these on the correct picture.
The kids all enjoyed this song-game. They wanted to play it over and over.
These cards also include baby animals to match to their mothers.
We laughed a lot as we read Cock A Doodle Moo!
Of course, we needed a craft to continue on our farm theme, so today we made paper plate cows.
We usually do all our crafting from "scratch", but this time, with so many farm crafts I want to make, I purchased this kit which contains everything we need to make three different animals--- and these were already cut out!!
I needed to help Kimmy with hers, she was a little under the weather today!
But, as Gracie made her cow, Kimmy pepped up and read Grace the directions.
I love how Mark made his cow's eyes.
Our "farm" wall is beginning to fill up!
You can find our first farm post here


The Katies said...

Wow you have been busy, we're going to save link in our collection for May's farm unit along with the Mrs. Wishy Washy book project link. Great ideas, we'll feature you and link back then!

Rhonda said...

Those paper plate cows are so cute!