Monday, March 23, 2009

Mrs Wishy-Washy and piggy crafts

Our "fun on the farm" has continued, and over the past week we have fallen in love with

Mrs. Wishy-Washy. She is so careful to keep her animals on the farm nice and clean, we decided that we should keep out animals nice and clean too.(this means if you give a little child a bunch of plastic animals and some water, they will be kept busy for a very long time)

We now have a very large supply of Toob farm animals.
Kimmy has a lot of fun sorting out all the animals into their families.We made piggies today for our "farm" board, piggies that are in desperate need for Mrs. Wishy Washy's tub! First I printed out piggies and the kids painted them pink.
After they dried, I outlined them added thier faces and then cut them out.
We then needed our pigs to play in the mud. We used shaving cream and brown paint.
These two ingredients make such a neat combination. The paint turns into "puffy" paint. The color mixed in easily and when it dried the color became darker.
We used our fingers to get our pigs all dirty!
Luke's piggy "played" in the mud for quite a while.
When the paint-shaving cream mixture dried it really looked like dirt. Very--cool!
We have added our pigs to the farm themed wall.
We also made pig magnets today. For each pig you need light pink foam sheets, dark pink foam sheets, wiggle eyes and pink pipe cleaners.
I used this basic pattern for the idea of our magnets, but instead of just paper we used foam, wiggle eyes and a pipe cleaner for a tail.
When I do these projects with the littlest kids, I always put the glue onto the area I want them to stick their pieces too. This helps with "positioning" and helps the littles achieve a result that makes them happy.
These piggies make everyone happy!
Stay tuned for more "down on the farm" activities over the next few days.


Holly said...

I think my boys would love making muddy pigs. Thanks for the idea!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

we love that book and your ideas are so cute. thanks for sharing!

jennwa said...

I love all those great piggy project. The shaving cream pig are too cute.

Rhonda said...

This piggy theme is so cute! I loved doing the farm theme with Lindsay when she was younger.

Jeremy said...

Good stuff. I'm going to use the "muddy pig" at my preschool this week.