Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pardon the pictures, but it was such a beautiful day......

This is NOT the frozen tundra, it is Oneida Lake in central New York. If you look very carefully, you can still see ice fishermen on lake.
Don't go throught the ice, fellas!
The only open water has been found by a few hundred geese. This is where a creek runs into the lake.

"What is this warm light that is shining on me, Mommy?"
"It is sunshine, Kimmy baby!"
The temperatures were in the fifties today, with two more warm days predicted!!!
After that it will be back to real life with highs in the 30's.
"Go fishy, go!!"
She did not believe us when we told her she was riding a pelican.
Amy can't help smiling on such a beautiful day.
Dad couldn't help climbing onto the playground equipment.
What is Dad planning on doing on such a lovely day?
You guessed it!
Slide, Daddy,
Ahoy, Matey!
Who can resist snow melt?
The ice on the lake is still solid. When the ice breaks, it will all pile up on this east end of the lake. It is an awesome sight when it all comes on shore.
Don't fall in
There is nothing better than sand, snow and ice.
The sky was crystal clear.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.


sarah in the woods said...

Those really were beautiful pictures. Glad you had some sunshine to enjoy up there.

Amber said...

Beautiful pictures!

Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting ideas for fun projects so I gave you a reward! ;) Click here to get it!

Rhonda said...

Such wonderful photos. Looks like an amazing Sunday! Love the photos of daddy sliding with the kids. :0)

Anonymous said...

The first trip to a park!! I hope to go next time...spring is coming. Kim

Jena said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us.