Monday, March 2, 2009

There is a new family member in the "little house"

Meet Dudley, the newest member of the family!! He is so cute! (Notice one pink ear and one black ear-maybe all guinea pigs have ears like this-I wouldn't know-yet)
The kids love him and enjoy holding him. I believe he has pooped on everyone under the age of nine already.
Welcome to the "little house" Dudley!


Shasta said...

He's so cute!! My two older boys each have a guinea pig and my middle son's looks like this one! I didn't think I would like them last year when we got them but I actually like them better than our rabbits!

Alexia said...

Guinea pigs are sooo cute! We used to have one awhile ago...have you heard him "whistle" yet? That was my favorite part!

Rhonda said...

He is such a cutie! that little ear just cracks me up!