Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Scene Handprint Art

We are getting a little head start on our "winter, snow, and arctic" school units
which will start next week.
I saw some Christmas snowman ornaments using handprints but I just wanted to make a winter scene. It was quick and easy and I had everything I needed already in the house.
You need:
white paint-(I used acrylic paint)
black construction paper
sharpie markers
marker that write on black paper
glitter (We really love glitter)

First we painted our hands white and "stamped" them onto the black paper.
After the handprint dried, we turned the fingers into snowmen.
Using the sharpie markers we added faces and scarves and hats.

After making our snowmen, we embelished our pictures with glue and glitter.
I added a shooting star to Kimmy's picture and she added the glitter.
Gracie used glue fingerprints to make snowflakes. She then added glitter to make the snow "shine".
Cute, cute, cute!!
And more importantly, easy, easy, easy!!

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Airamty said...

Those are really cute! And kids loves them....I have that one on my to do list with my daughter...I know she will be happy, too!