Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook--A Christmas Season Daybook

December 28, 2010
I have decided to jump in and join the fun with my own Simple Woman's Daybook for the new year. This is the first, during the quiet time of the Christmas season, when the world considers the Christmas season over, but we, as Catholics, have many days left of this wonderful season. It is a quiet time now, so I have time to write this post, but soon the crazy days of educating, encouraging and raising my 10 kids will return and I may not have time for this weekly post.....all I can do is start here and try to continue it throughout the year.


Outside my window... The nor'eastern missed central New York, but the snow still remains on the ground from the 3 feet we received a couple weeks ago. There is never a shortage of snow in the "lake effect" snow regions of this part of the country. The temp is 26 degrees...much better than yesterday's single digits.

I am thinking... about doctors and medicine and how to be the best mother I can when struggling with health issues

I am thankful for... Doctors and medicine and knowledge that wasn't available years ago. I am thankful for a wonderful husband who takes such good care of us, and children who are happy, fed and snug in a warm home.

From the learning rooms... The learning room (also known as the kitchen table) is filled with Christmas games and Christmas crafts. The tiny bit of learning going on is Gracie's daily practice of her multiplication facts....She is on her 8 facts and I don't want her to "lose" what she has memorized, so everyday we find a game online to help her review her facts.

From the kitchen... not much...we like to call days like these "free for all" days. I would like to bake something this morning to warm up the house....and later this week will be a big grocery shop so that next week I can have a plan (hopefully)!

I am wearing... gray sweat pants, hubby's lucky Yankee t-shirt, and my bathrobe....I am moving slowly this morning and these are my pj's....

I am creating... a beautifully soft, brown, alpaca yarn scarf for my Laura. I love working with this yarn. I will also create lesson plans for next week's school...I WILL...I WILL

I am going... I am going nowhere this morning as hubby has the van at work. Hopefully we will get to the library this afternoon and if my energy holds out and my cold lets up a little I will go visit my mom and dad this evening.

I am reading... Our read aloud from Advent was Bartholomew's Passage. We have a few chapters to finish up..(it is still Christmas!) Our quiet time book on cd is James and the Giant Peach. I hope to start reading Stay a Little Longer by Dorothy Garlock sometime this week. It is hard to find "pleasure reading" time for myself but hope to squeeze out a few minutes every day for just that. We are also reading many, many Christmas picture books because it is still the season of Christmas.

I am hoping...for peaceful, calm days and sleep filled nights

I am hearing... nothing from the 4 sleeping teenagers who are enjoying their Christmas break, Mark's fingers on the computer keyboard across the room, and little children talking from the closets on walkie talkie's........

Around the house... I really need to get this place decluttered and cleaned-up, but I believe that will wait until after Christmas

One of my favorite things... a very cozy 5 year old who stills finds his way to my bed early in the morning wearing his fuzzy pajamas. A 5 year old who needs to "share" my pillow in the morning, but kicks his poor daddy to make more room for himself.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ... A little more celebrating and then making plans for the long winter days ahead.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Love Bears All Things said...

good morning and welcome...yes it is still Christmas...just need to do a little work but mostly hibernating this week...no sound of children in my house...I loved reading of your plans and of life at your house...Have a blessed week.
Mama Bear

Jerralea said...

Oh, how sweet - I would love to still have a 5 year old that wanted to share my pillow!

I like the idea of "free for all" days in the kitchen.

God bless and enjoy your week!

Guiding Light said...

Stopping by from Simple Woman's Daybook - what a wonderful post! Thank you! Blessings to you and your family!