Friday, December 31, 2010

A knit Right to Life "ribbon"

Prototype for a knit Right to Life "ribbon" for the March for Life in DC. (And also for the many local marches that will take place in January.)What do you think? Maybe for a fundraiser for the Holy Cross bus trip to the March for LIfe in DC? Comments needed.
I cast on 40 stitches in pink on size 4 needles.
knit one row in pink
Change to blue and alternate purl row, knit row for 4 rows
Change back to pink, purl one row
cast off with pink.
I then secured the ribbon shape with a button.
I hope to find some "baby" type buttons at the craft store.
It is finished off with a pin on back which was hot glued onto the to back.
I'll contrast the with blue center and blue with pink on contrasting glue pin backing to the top back of ribbon
What do you think?


Mary G said...

Love it! What a great idea for a fund-raiser, too!

Love the knitting posts, Joanne!

Denice said...

I think its great!

Sewing Susie said...

That's really awesome. God bless you.