Saturday, December 4, 2010

"We are Santa's Elves"

Gracie looked up from building at the Lowes Build and Grow project this morning and announced that she felt just like she was in Santa's Workshop. She thought it could only be better if she had pointy ears and an elf suit.
Kimmy getting tips from Dad...
and then taking over on her own!
Kim and Luke are great at hammering since beginning these weekly visits to Lowes.
Mark can complete his projects all on his own now.
Gracie studying the caboose directions.
The five Collins' elves.
Stickers have been stuck and the caboose is heading under the tunnel.
Check out Kimmy's pose----I think I take too many photos!!
This week we made a train caboose. Next week it is a passenger car and lastly will be the engine!
Great, FREE fun at Lowes Build and Grow.

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