Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Visit with Santa

Daddy's work gave the children a wonderful Christmas party today!!
Luke was soooo excited this year to see Santa....last year he wouldn't get near the big guy.
Kimmy was not so sure about Santa, but she was very brave and whispered her secrects to Santa.
Mark wished to stand next to Santa, but good ol' Santa grabbed him and got the picture!!

All the kids got a present from Santa.
Kimmy got a Fur Real's so cute.
Here, she is dancing with her puppy, Popscicle, while she shakes her "shakey egg".
Helping the band
Luke and his Transformer
Next it was on to the horse drawn wagon.
If you are not a horse, don't park here or you will be towed.
Bundling up for the ride. Luckily it wasn't even was about 35 degrees, which is ABOVE freezing.
Kimmy and Daddy

Luke and Daddy feeding a carrot to the horse to say "thank you" for the ride.

The sleighbells were a' jingling!!

What a wonderful, joyful sound!


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful party. I love the horse drawn wagon.

Teresa said...

Your kids are so cute, the two youngest could almost pass for twins! How is your son, Dan (?), doing in seminary? Love the FFR priests!