Monday, December 20, 2010

Pomander Orange--2010

The house is smelling heavenly.

We are making the yearly pomander oranges.

I decorated oranges with a pretty Christmas ribbon with long pins.

I gave the kids big yarn needles to make "starter holes" for the whole cloves.

(Whole cloves at Wal-mart, in a teeny tiny container, cost $7.99. If you are lucky enough to live near an Amish store, check out the spice prices---I spent $1.51 for enough whole cloves to make 3 pomander oranges.)

I believe these two little folks put more than 3/4 of the cloves into the oranges....the big kids quit quite early in the process.

I found this tulle in the wedding section of Wal-mart.I used 4 strips of tulle to tie up the pomander.

This is definetely on of my favorite, all time smells.

Luke admiring his hard work!!

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