Monday, December 13, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We tend to have a party for anything...but Sunday wasn't anything. It was a very important thing.
Putting up the Christmas Tree.
Everyone was home for this traditional event.
We had tacos for dinner, (in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and then Mexican treats for after the tree was done. It was a real fiesta.
Hubby even managed a siesta on the feast day.
Luke and Mark taking a break from the fun.
Have I ever mentioned the house is small.....I couldn't fit all 10 kids in the photo at the same time, but believe me, they were there.
(They ate 5 pounds of taco meat and about 40 taco shells.)
Amy and Becky
A new little snowman peeking out from among the branches.
I think this is just a funny picture.
Hubby and first daughter, Becky, putting up the star.
The reason for the season.

And here they are....the famous 10 kids from Ten Kids and a Dog----you will notice, the dog did not fit in the photo, in fact, the ten kids barely fit in the photo.


Rhonda said...

I just love seeing photos like this and I LOVE your large family! Holidays must be a true blessing for all of you!

Dmarie said...

what a beautiful family!!