Saturday, December 18, 2010

All aboard the Christmas train

Today we finished up our Christmas trains at the Lowes Build and Grow free program.
You can see that when we arrived 10 minutes early this morning, the work tables were full of hammering children so we ending up working on the floor.
Kimmy and one of my ASP's (Adult Support Persons)
Today was a big day, we made the last element of our trains---the engine.
Matt---ASP #2---(I like ALOT of help when the kids are using real hammers.)
Almost finished!
The tradition photo at the time of completion at Lowes.
Mark is just off screen, holding his train into view...what a silly guy.
Luke's Wild West train.
The kids had a choice between Wild West stickers or Christmas stickers.
I sewed the December patches on this afteroon.
Next Lowes Build and Grow is on Jan. 8.
The kids are all ready looking forward to it!
And I look forward to it because it is totally free....and you can't get better than that.

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