Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Beautiful Jesus Suncatcher

I know I have seen this "somewhere". If you know where the original post is, please let me know so I can link and give credit to the creator!I had everything to do this here in the house this morning.

All it takes is black construction paper, clear contact paper, and tissue paper.

(If you use many different colors of tissue paper it wouldn't be specific for Christmas)

Place the black construction paper "frame" onto the sticky side of the contact paper.
It is very helpful to tape the contact paper to the table to prevent it from sticking to everything--especially the children.

Place the letters backwards onto the contact paper....be careful about this or a letter may be backwards. (See example far below...;-)

Stick small pieces of tissue paper to the contact paper, covering completely.

Kimberly working hard.

After completely covering the clear contact paper with tissue, glue another black construction paper frame to the back of the project.

I then cover the entire back with another piece of clear contact paper.

Hang it up in a window and enjoy.

Gracie's finished product....too bad there isn't any sun to show the "sun catching" aspect of this craft.

They are beautiful---a little sun showed up for Kimmy's suncatcher.

Luke's shows the importance of careful letter placement.
(Although, don't tell the others, this may be my favorite.)

Our beautiful door.


Rhonda said...

Those are beautiful!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the colors of tissue you chose. What a great craft to hang all year long!

heavenly bliss said...

I LOVE them. We'll have to do that. I have never done suncatchers with contact paper. Headed to town today maybe I'll pick some up. xoxo

Dmarie said...

love this craft! and I agree, love the perfectly imperfect!