Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Selkirk Shores Father's Day

I know that is some parts of the country it is warm---even hot in some places--(leave a comment if you have been warm lately)---here in upstate New York it isn't hot---it is not warm---in fact it is cold!
We had a great, albeit cold, Father's Day picnic at Selkirk State park, on the east end of Lake Ontario.
There were not a lot of people hanging out on the beach today,
but the lifeguard was still on duty!
It is a wonderful beach, full of wave rolled, smooth stones and rocks--stay tuned for upcoming rock painting posts.
Danny braved the temps and waves to get the kids a little Lake Ontario water.

This is Daddy and some of his big girls, right before the life guard yelled at him for throwing rocks---poor Daddy---the life guard probably thought he might hit someone on the beach---oh yeah, there was no one on the beach.
Daddy was missing two big boys, Matt and Pat---we missed you guys!
Then, if the 50 degree weather wasn't bad enough, the sky opened up for us!
Gracie and Josie and Georgia weren't bothered though, they spent this time with a friendly toad.

Don't get wet, Luke!

cousin Emmy sees something
As soon as Grandma and Grandpa left, the sun came out, and the wind died down and we ended up with a super afternoon.
It was good to see our northern most family
Daddy, Mark and Grace headed out to the end of the pier-it was a little scary, sometimes the waves come of the end

Luke very excitedly spotting this volcano! It is really Nine Mile Point.
Emmy and Kimberly became good friends
Emmy really likes Kim's shoes.

We collected our rocks,
and then headed for home.
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heavenly bliss said...

It was great seeing you all (minus Pat and Matt). We'll have to do it again when there is a slightly better chance of warmer weather!
xoxo Jenny

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Oh to be wearing sweatshirts and jeans!!! Thank you for the lovely glimpse of cooler temperatures.

Spesamor Academy said...

We hit over 100 yesterday! :)

Diana said...

It's well into the 100's where we live, so I can't really imagine what 50 feels like... It looks like you had a fun day at the beach. Thanks for sharing.