Friday, June 5, 2009

Inchworm-Inchworm -Measuring the Marigolds

Bugs, bugs, bugs!! It's all about bugs lately around here----and music----so in honor of this weeks inchworm craft I would like to direct you to one of my favorite old songs
You really should go watch it with your children before you continue reading this post.
And in honor of the "inchworm measuring the marigolds" we planted some marigolds!
Very few supplies were needed for our inchworms:
empty toilet paper rolls
green paint
wiggle eyes
pipe cleaners
We didn't have any green paint, so I used white tempra paint mixed with green food coloring---it ended up a pretty light green, but the kids didn't mind.
They had fun mixing!
I cut several toilet paper tubes as seen above, leaving one tube in a circle for the head.
Staple the pieces together to make your inchworm, and then add a round head.
paint, paint, paint
Everyone got into the fun.
While our inchworms dried, I read some of our favorite "bug books". I recently discovered a new series (to me) of books: Backyard Books. Each book describes the life of one particular bug. They are written perfectly to keep the preschoolers attention, but also provide enough information that the elementary aged kids are able to learn new facts.
After the paint in dry, add wiggle eyes and pipe cleaner antennea.
Enjoy "measuring the marigolds" with your inchworms!
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Rhonda said...

Those are just so cute! I had completely forgotten about that video. Thanks for sharing the link.