Monday, June 29, 2009

A Berry Fine Strawberry Day-Makes my Monday!

The strawberry season is in full swing up here in central New York.
We have been enjoying our "berry" books, especially the youngest kids.
These are some of our favorites.
This morning the sun was shining so Becky and I set out to give Kim and Luke the experience of picking their own berries.
Kimberly was very proud when I carried her into the middle of the field and plopped her down.
Luke was so excited whenever he would spot a berry! It seemed like they took him by surprise, even though he was surrounded by thousands of berries.
Even Becky appears to be quite proud, or maybe that is a camera pose!
After about a quart of berries, Kim and Luke both noticed that the grass really tickled their legs, and it was kind of hot, and they were kind of done.....
but, it was a beautiful morning.
Hiding in the strawberry plants
Becky and I managed to quickly pick 6 quarts before there was a real meltdown---but all in all, both "littles" enjoyed this. We visited Grandpa after picking--he lives, literally, one minute from the berry patch--and when we left and passed by the strawberry farm again, Kimberly wanted to go back and pick more--Luke DID NOT, and he told us so.

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Cheryl Lage said...

I think these illustrations should be published and added to the collection of fabulous strawberry-themed books!

(How darling is that shot of your little hiding berry-pickers?)

Love everything about this post...thank you so much for playing along and Making My Monday!