Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loveliness of the Seashore

Being a family of 12 we rarely get very far on vacations, but we make the most of this beautiful country God has given us right here at home. I hope you enjoy a trip into some of our "family fun."
A Loveliness of the Seashore fair is being held over at "A Wink and a Smile", on July 30th and even though we are land locked, we do enjoy heading to our local lakeshores and enjoying the beauty.

I do have to admit that the temperatures are not always high enough for swimming in upstate NY, but we always enjoy ourselves in spite of it.
We may be just skipping rocks

or wading with our sweatshirts on. We are certainly having fun if we are at a lakeshore.

Of course, if all else fails, and we are still too chilly, there is always volleyball.

But some days, the temperatures rise and the sun comes out. These are the days we cherish.

Inland lakes still have sand,

and water creatures waiting to be scooped up.

Beautiful sailboats are seen on Oneida Lake,

and the shoreline of Green Lakes is breathtaking.

Big kids play in the sand,

and little ones learn to walk on "sea legs."

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the picture above is of my Mom, two sisters, and brother(I am the baby) at Lake Ontario in 1966. This is a very beautiful picture in my opinion, and one of my favorites.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful reminder what the life God has given us is all about. We are very blessed. And summer is awesome!! Kim (and Aaron tonight)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

What beautiful pictures, Joann!

Happy Summer to you, too!

Cindy said...

Joann -
Thanks for sharing your special memories. Love the pictures!

Elena said...

From one lake gal to another, thanks for sharing!

Lorri said...

What beautiful pictures. I envy you your mild temperatures.

Lindsay said...

What a sweet family! It's obvious ya'll have fun no matter where you go. And the lake is gorgeous by the way!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Beautiful shots, Joann! Wish I could dive in, too...