Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 10- we have pumpkin and sunflower sprouts!!

10 days ago Kimberly carefully planted her sunflower seeds into the ground. She has been taking very good care of them.
On day 8, we had several sprouts. I love this one still wearing her sunflower seed hat.
Day 10---something has eaten about half of the newly sprouted sunflower seeds, so now, hopefully, we will end up with a "sunflower wall"
Mark's hard work has also paid off!!
He has two hills of absolutely gorgeous tiny pumpkin plants. ( Our goal is to get one pie pumpkin out of our first pumpkin planting experience---keep your finger crossed.)
Stayed tuned for exciting updates as the days roll on into summer.

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Lisa said...

It's Aways a Miracle!