Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Happy 16th Birthday

to our new 16 year old nephew Andrew!!
We were very happy to get to spend time with him--it has been way toooo long since we had seem him, and as you can see, he is looking great!!
Luke all ready to party.Annie and Johnny
Gracie and Martha
Luke and Mark--there seemed to be a piggy back "thing" going on at the party.
Maria, Aunt Mary and Gracie
We were so happy to see the Pennsylvania cousins.
Amy and Kimberly
Say cheese, girls.Johnny had an unusual technique for enjoying birthday cake.

Oh! No! It's even in his ear! But don't worry, Uncle Pat got him cleaned up-good as new.
What a bunch of boy cousins do during a family birthday party.
Mark, Vinnie and Tommy
That looks good enough to eat!
Thanks for a wonderful evening, Aunt Joanne!

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mommytoalot said...

Your family is beautiful. You are one amazing photographer, the essence that you capture is pure joy in these pics.
Happy belated 16th to your nephew.