Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking at the sky

I was excited when I saw Lisa's latest post. It seems as if every time I download pictures from the camera to the computer, I find pictures of the sky. The ever changing beauty of the sky has always intrigued me. I remember watching storms roll in with my father when I was little.
A severe thunderstorm warning would be issued and we would head outside "to watch".
The sky is a constantly changing subject, which never fails to amaze me.
I will no longer feel strange, when I am at a ball game, or at some other gathering, and I have my camera pointed at the sky. I now realize that I am in wonderful company.
Our backyard sunset
And the clouds aren't the only things of striking beauty to be found as we look heavenward: a red-tail hawk
and a great-blue heron.
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Looking @ The Sky on Friday said...

It is so true that the sky is ever-changing! Very nice shots. We're so glad you're playing along.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.