Sunday, June 14, 2009

Partying--Down on the Farm

We are lucky enough that the farm my Dad grew up on, starting in the late 1930's, is still in the family--now owned by my cousin.
While it is not a farm anymore, the house and barn are still there.
The original barn is now a very popular gathering spot-especially for summer time get togethers. It is definitely the place to be, and many many parties have taken place here. I remember being so excited when I was little and heard we were going to a "party at the barn!"
Dad, my brother Steve, and cousin Bob.This is a good reminder of the good old days, although this one is inside the barn. You can just see Gracie peeking out of the door at the bottom left of the picture.
Here is myself and 8 of the kids--peeking out the big barn window.
Great photo, Dad!
Mom and Aunt Carol.
This party came to be because Aunt Carol is up visiting from Florida--so of course, a party was necessary!
My cousin Lee's beautifully restored car.

Will the magic of photoshop-I send the boys
back in time.
Kim and Amy
Sean, Stephanie and Steve
Aunt Pat and Uncle Lee
Mark, playing darts in the "bar room" section of the barn.
A lot of out door fun was also enjoyed.
Luke learned the skill of ladderball
from big brother Dan.
These are super rocket launchers--we need to get these!
Daddy tried a little lacrosse even though he doesn't have a smidge of Native American in his blood like the rest of us.
The crowd was a little too large for the cars to be driven full throttle, so mysteriously the batteries disappeared out of them.
But this provided a great way for kids to get rid of extra energy.
Kimberly became an expert at the slot machines.
She played for at least an hour. Luckily she also learned how to use the key to get the tokens out of the machine when she wasn't a big winner.
We were all excited when cousin Ed got out his fiddle-and what a fiddler he is.
The kids danced,
and danced until they were so tired,
they had to stop for an ice pop break.
I was a great day "down on the farm"

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Rhonda said...

Now that is my kind of day! Thanks so much for sharing. :0)