Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kindermusik at the Library

Luke, Kim, Grace and I enjoyed a very entertaining 45 minutes at the library this morning enjoying our first Kindermusik session.
You can read here about why Kindermusik classes can enhance any young child's devopment and education.
The kids were so eager to join in, it was great to see their enjoyment.
Here they are, using their "listening ears". This was quite a feat for this active bunch!
By far, the favorite activity was making the "popcorn" pop on the parachute.
All three kids also had so much fun with the playsilks that I need to make some of our own.
Here you can see Gracie dusting,
Luke scrubbing,
and Kimberly sweeping. All these activities are done along with music.
We can't wait until next week!


heavenly bliss said...

I do know about kindermusik. I have actually thought about doing something like this myself at our local library. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Music is WONDERFUL!!
xoxo Jenny

mommytoalot said...

Joey and one of my former foster babies were in kindermusik..they LOVED it. I didn't know the library did it. It is quite pricey here.
great pictures..looks like the kids enjoyed that