Saturday, June 20, 2009

Partying in the Rain

Graduating party season has begun up here in New York. I think we will probably have at least 2 parties a weekend( sometimes more) for the next month and a half.
Today we celebrated two great graduates, Kathryn and Nick.
It was cloudy, wet, drippy and muddy. Perfect for every child at the party.
A very handy playground was enjoyed by all, especially Grace,
and Luke,
and Kim. (Note to self, remember if your 3 year old potty trained baby
slides down a wet slide 20 or so times, they will think they have wet their pants and be very upset.)
Daddy always provides entertainment, not only for his own children, but for every child that wanders near.
Hold on, Dad will fling you off the merry-go-round.
Sitting, that is a good idea.
Ice cream was enjoyed.
They make it look sooooo yummy!
Kim, these are your mom and my feet.
Kathryn looks a little hungry.
They are beginning to get pretty soggy!
The water fountain didn't help Kim keep dry.
Luke found a slip and slide, unknown to the rest of us on the dry side of the tarp.
Of course, he shared his find with Kimberly.
Party feet.
Having fun, chasing a wet dog who stole the soccer ball.
Partners is crime....Kevin, Aaron and Mark

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Anonymous said...

What a great party! Congrat to all 2009 seniors. Lake Ontario looked wonderful. Kim