Sunday, June 7, 2009

Diary of a Worm- a nature project

Diary of a Worm is the favorite book of our youngest kids right now. I don't know if it is the gardening we have been doing or the fishing, but we are definitely on a "worm kick". This very fun book is written in diary form, featuring the writings of a young worm as he learns about the trials of being a worm.
Our favorite entry is June 15
"My older sister thinks she's so pretty. I told her that no matter how much time she spends looking in the mirror, her face will always look just like her rear end. Spider thought that was really funny. Mom did not." The illustrations are also just wonderful.
Of course an activity had to be done. So, none other than me (Mommy), reverted back to my childhood when my family and I would catch nightcrawlers my the bucket fulls to sell to fishermen. We were good--it takes a special skill to catch nightcrawlers, they are super fast and hard to pull out of their holes--but we would get hundreds on a rainy night--this night I caught 6--I am losing my touch.

We took a big pickle jar and filled it loosely dirt. We then wrapped the jar in black paper (worms like the dark) I love Gracie's face in the picture above---priceless....
We added a little brown sugar for food, and then some lettuce leaves. We put the worms in the jar, popped holes in the lid---and waiting.
You can see one little worm peeking out of the dirt at the top of the jar.
After three days, we peeked under the black paper. We saw all sorts of worm tunnels around the edge of the jar, but the darn worms were too fast when "blinded by the light"
and you could just catch sight of them running for cover.
It was a real neat project. After three days, I would like to say we let the worms run free, but I have to admit---we went fishing---we are county folk after all........


Christy said...

We love that book. Nice project. Don't laugh at me, but I'm a bit squeamish around worms.

Jennifer James said...

That is one of my kids favorite books! Even my 11 yr. old still thinks it's funny!
Have you read diary of a spider and fly yet?

Rhonda said...

I had to laugh at the comment of you using the worms to go fishing. Sounds like something that my family would have done. Too funny!