Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Balloon Rockets

A box of fun arrived in the mail today: Balloon Rockets. We had fun with a water rocket a while back, so I thought we would give these a try.
I am not sure what the kids expected, but they pumped the balloons up with the help of Daddy and then ran for cover under the trampoline.
These balloons were very easy to use, although a few did pop before they were launched into the air. The set came with a pump and 50 balloons, and many of the balloons were usuable more than one time. I think the price was very reasonable at $7.00 from Amazon. It also is a "prime shipping" offer, so if you are a prime shipping member, shipping is free, making it a great bargain.
Some of these flew high, very high, as high as 50 feet.

Matt got home from one job and was 15 minutes late for his next job, but even he couldn't resist the fun.

Of course, Dad needed to challenge him to a balloon race--Matt was the winner, Dad's crashed into the house.

Be prepared to find balloons on the roof
and in trees.
This is definitely great fun, for all ages, anywhere!

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Rhonda said...

That looks like tons of fun. I had to giggle at the trampoline photo. Too funny!