Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water Rocket Fun

We had fun with the Aqua Zone Water Rocket today in the backyard with Daddy.
All is takes is water, air pressure, and off it goes.
Mark receiving launching advice from Daddy.
It may not go too high, but the splash you get from the "exhaust" is nice and cooling on a warm day.
Daddy got it to reach a pretty good altitude, but it seemed to be hit and miss. Sometimes it took off---like a rocket---and other times, for no known reason, it kind of fizzled out.
It certainly did make everyone smile, though!
A real family affair.
Three, two, one.......
Matt demonstrates a bit of a flop.
Overall, this was a fun toy, and great for an air pressure experiment.
For the money, it was well worth it.
I would love to find a more durable, higher flying rocket (if there is one out there).
Let me know if you have any info about one!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

This looks like fun!

leftylimbo said...

I played with these a lot when I was a kid. Now that I have a 6 yr. old son I've been introducing him to all my favorite childhood toys, including water rockets. Aquazone has a deluxe set with three rockets which I bought; we fired them up and he had a blast.

I've discovered that the rocket goes highest if I pumped it between 25-30 strokes (those last ones are tough!). The trick is to keep your palm against the plunger on that last stroke to maintain the pressure as you pull back the release. It sends the rocket soaring!

If you do a Google on "water rockets" you'll see the crazy stuff that's available now—all DIY using soda liter bottles and homemade launchers. I'm gonna have to dig in!