Monday, February 9, 2009

Reading Theme Challenge-A Very Special Valentine

Well, I ended up with a different "special Valentine" book than what Teachingtinytots was using for this weeks Reading theme challenge, but this book proved to be the perfect book for our Valentine day preparations.

Our Valentine craft was centered around A Very Special Valentine, by Geoffery Hayes.
We used:
red cardstock
pink and purple paper
a heart paper punch
peel and stick laminate
a picture of Kim and Luke
I cut two hearts out of the red cardstock and then cut another smaller heart out of the first heart. You can see it above, it is like a frame now. We needed two of these.
The kids then punched a bunch of purple, pink and white hearts out of paper.
I cut a piece of the peel and stick laminate big enough to fit out heart on. I placed the heart frame on the sticky side of the laminate first, I then centered the picture of the kids in the center of the "frame" opening" After these two steps, Kim and Luke stuck the punched out hearts onto the sticky laminate, covering the back of our frame. I then glued the second red heart "frame" onto the back of our first heart and cutouts. We placed another sheet of laminate on the back and cut out the whole thing.
Then we were all done.
Kim and Luke are all set to give their Daddy their special Valentine.


April said...

That is such a cute idea:)

jennwa said...

Those are beautiful Valentine's. I just love them.

Lisa said...

Very pretty! And do-able for Littles! (As long as Mommy does the cutting first...)