Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reading Theme Challenge-I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More is a book that we were not familiar with, but what a treat it was. It instantly became a classic in our house.
From School Library Journal: PreSchool-Grade 2–"When Mama catches her son "paintin' pictures on the floor/and the ceiling/and the walls/and the curtains/and the door," she sticks him in the tub and declares, "Ya ain't a-gonna paint no more!" Fresh from his bath, the child rescues his hidden supplies and says, "So I take some red/and I paint my…/HEAD!" Subsequent rhymes move from neck down to feet as he adds gobs of color to different areas. Since the last word of each verse comes on the following page, readers get the satisfaction of completing the anticipated rhyme and seeing each newly painted body part with each page turn."
What else was there to do but break open the face (or body) paint and have some fun after reading the book, (over and over and over again).
Mommy painted little people.
Becky painted little people.Even Matthew, hearing the fun, painted little people.
"Don't get paint on the book, Grace. It is from the library."
Kimberly's beginning.
What a face.
Amy then decided to paint little people.
Mark felt that he was too old for such nonsense, but then decided it did look like fun.
This is what Matt did to Kimberly. She wanted the abc's on her belly, he obliged her.
That's a red outy button.
Lookin' tough, Mark.
Ok, I guess it is too much to resist even if you are almost 15 years old.
That's kind of scary, Amy, but pefect for Valentine's Day.
As in the book, when the fun was over it was time for a bath. I bought bathtub fingerpaint just for this occasion.
Looks like some more yucky fun.
The fun day ended, but those kids never did want to get out of the tub.


Jolene said...

Great idea!!!!

Rhonda said...

Now that looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

looks like it was a really fun day! Even the older ones had fun!!!

Qudsya said...

you gave an awesome intro to the book and now i am dying to read it, and what a blast with body art Alas I can not dare to put paint on my lil one, i know it would simply be impossible to get her paints ever on paper or on any other surface for that matter but it sure is a great idea with a bit older kids :)
hopefully i'll be able try it next year

Amanda said...

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to do something similar with my little guy :)