Friday, May 15, 2009

We Made It: Friday Showcase....Buzzy, Buzzy Bee

Keeping with our springtime and insect theme, this week we made bees out of throw-away bowls. I saw the basic idea at DLTK crafts.

We started our bees by painting paper bowls yellow
Painting seems to have overtaken every other art activitiy in popularity around here lately.
Maybe it is the "messy" factor".
It took patience, but they got the job done.
Phew! That is a job well done, Kim!
After the paint on the bowls dried, I outlined stripes to be colored in with black marker. Kim and Luke just turned 3 and 4 so I gave them the outline, but the older kids easily did this step on their own.
Add a triangle stinger, wiggle eyes and draw on a mouth. We also used pipe cleaners to make antennea.
The pattern said to use wax paper for wings. We didn't have any wax paper so I used a clear laminating sheet to make wings. Cut a large heart from the clear sheet and then cut it in half down the middle. These make very nice bee wings. Glue them to the top of the bowl. Happy bee crafting!!


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

those bees are soo cute!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Very cute!!

Rhonda said...

Those are just too cute! Have a bee-utiful weekend!

jennwa said...

Those bees are darling.

Thanks for sharing a great spring craft with Friday Showcase!!!

ViolinMama said...

LOVE the bees!!! SOOOOO creative and cute!!!!

Thanks for the idea!!!!