Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My New Favorite Finch Feeder

We are having so much fun watching the finches at our new "Finch Station". It is a birdfeeder made from a "sock" for feeding the birds thistle seed.
The kids are loving watching the many goldfinches coming to our new feeder. There seems to be a competition as to who will see the most finches on the feeder at the same time--AND GET A PICTURE--right now, the record is 10, but I know there will be more!
It also is so educational. Kimberly and Luke can now identify every goldfinch they see, and can tell you if they are male or female!


Rhonda said...

Oh I just love watching the finches on our thistle sock. We had ours come to feed early in the winter when it was not breeding season so the colors were not as vibrant. Now the males are such a bright yellow and absolutely beautiful! So happy to hear that your kiddos are enjoying them.

Cheryl Lage said...

OH! Look how precious they are! My kids would eat this up, too!

Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday....LOVE your blog!

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

we love finches!