Friday, May 8, 2009

Paul in a Basket-A Musical Adventure for Kids

We have been having the privilege of reviewing Paul in a Basket: Musical Adventure for Kids.
This was written by Rob Evans (The Donut Man) and was written to "hightlight the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul."

You can enjoy Paul in a Basket as a simple cd. Narration is provided for each song and adds so much to the understanding of St. Paul's life.

Also available is a director's cd. "The Director's CD equips you with everything you need to perform this musical yourself. This includes audio in stereo and split track; a "Production guide", an "Audience Hand-out with Family Reflections" and "Instrumental Tracks."
It is written for between 15-30 kids and the narration script can easily be read by a 2 or 3rd grader.
It would be great for a summertime parish musical performance.

My children, young and old, have been enjoying listening to and learning all the songs. Gracie's (7) favorite song is Shipwrecked. She says it is her favorite "because when St. Paul becomes shipwrecked he is sure that God will protect him because he loves God and God loves him."

Mark's (9) favorite song is Earthquake because he learned "about the powerful things that God can do to help us when we are in need of His help."

The only problem I find with this CD is with the song Christ Strengthens Us. The narration for this song is: "What made Paul so brave? He explained that it came from the grace he found in the Holy Spirit."
The songs chorus is this:

" I can you all things, all things, all things, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13"
The song continues with the leader singing back and forth with the children. The leaders askes, "How many things can you do?" Children answer-"All things"
At one point on the CD a child says "can I ride my skateboard?" and is answered with "All things!"

After listening to this song one afternoon, Grace, 7, said to me "I prayed before softball yesterday that I would catch every ball, but I didn't do it. I must not believe enough." I struggled for an answer for her, and was also very surprised at how carefully she had listened to the song's lyrics. I then explained that God gives us the strength to help us practice softball and the strength to do out best. We can't just count on God to make is succeed, we need to do our part also, and we can do our part better with God's help.

I definitely recommend Paul in a Basket as either a CD for just listening too, and learning about St. Paul's life, and also as a musical for a children's performance. At $20.00 for the complete script, music and director's notes, this is a great bargain.


SAHMinIL said...

I reviewed this product for the Catholic Company as well. My kids, like your, enjoyed the music.

Spesamor Academy said...

I don't know if this applies to your situation at all, but I have taught my kids that God answers our prayers 3 ways:
yes, because what we ask for is what is best for us (I used the illustration of healthy food... makes us strong and healthy)
no, because what we ask for is NOT the best for us (I used the illustration of junk food... it SEEMS wonderful, but it messes up our bodies)
and wait, because what we ask for is not what we need right now, but will be later (like giving a bicycle to a newborn)
And everytime we pray for something, I remind them that God knows better than we do, and when He says "no" it isn't that He doesn't care, or that we didn't pray right, but that He will not give us something that isn't good for us.