Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tot School

Kimberly is currently 36 months old
More beautiful weather means more fun outdoors. With our outdoor fun this week, we encountered a little friend. Happily, this "toadie" is back with his family as I type. :-)

Kimberly enjoys so many books each week, I think I am going to begin listing some of her favorites in the weekly Tot School post. Of course, this week, all I have is this photo with some of her favorite "new release" library books. Her favorite of these books was Hello Baby! by Mem Fox, an author we enjoyed during last year's Author Fiesta fun.
Kim loves puzzles, and she does some everyday. I have found that these wooden puzzles are easier for her if I trace the pieces onto the wooden base. You can see the outlines in the picture above.
She is doing a suprisingly good job on this erasable counting and tallying book I made for Luke. The printable came from
She is very proud of her successful work.
History and science in our homeschool is always a family affair, and Kimberly is always included in whatever we are learning. Lately we have been studying the middle ages and knights and castles.
This study has brought about our first purchase of Playmobil toys, the castle and knight version.
These toys have been a big hit with all the little kids.
We have also enjoyed planting flowers this week.
Kimmy planted her own petunias and they are just beautiful.
We talked about what plants need to grow-soil, sunshine and water. We learned about what makes things alive and talked about things that are not alive.
Kimmy loves spending outdoor time with her best friend and big brother Luke.
Here, he was trying to teach her to get on the swing by herself.
He finally succeeded and Kimberly was very proud of her accomplishment.
After a hard afternoon a playing, Kimmy got to have her first drink from a refreshing garden hose!
We discussed things being alive and not alive while we were planting flowers. That led to me coming up with this activity. I simple labeled two sheets of construction paper with the words alive and not alive and then sorted cards from a memory game onto the correct paper.
The kids did a very good job! It also was good for the fact that we discussed the pictures on the cards and the reasons for our answers.
This was also an exciting week because it was Daddy's birthday. Kimberly helped decorate Daddy's present by using her Do A Dot markers. These markers make very cute wrapping paper.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!! We Love You!!
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Christy said...

Great ideas. My daughter gets so frustrated by those puzzles and I never thought to trace the pieces! I'm going to do that today, thanks.

Rhonda said...

She sure has been a busy girl and doing some great work! I just love the wrapping paper. What a neat idea!

mommytoalot said...

Fantastic ideas. I don't home school, but I do do activities with the children.
Love the pictures, especially the ones on the swings.