Monday, May 18, 2009

Unplugged Project--Sun

Sunshine and sunflowers go together around here, so that is how we approached this weeks Unplugged theme: SUN

We enjoyed these sunflower books from the library. Our favorite is Sunflower Sal. "Sal is a big girl in search of her special talents. She admires her grandmothers quilting ability and tries to quilt herself, but is dissatisfied with the results. With supportive encouragement from her family, Sal pursues her gift of planting sunflower seeds, and is beautifully rewarded at harvest time." Amazon review.

We also used sunlight to make this great sun print using Sunprint Paper.
This is an easy way to do a neat "sun" experiment.
DLTK provided us with the inspiration for this sunflower paper plate craft.
First we colored the petals of our sunflowers. We also colored the sunflower's face.
The next step is to glue the petals onto the paper plate.

I then put A LOT of glue into the center of the paper plate and the kids stuck A LOT of sunflower seeds into the glue. I was amazed at how many seeds they could actually get to stick onto the plate.

Luke had some unusual petals.
All done!! A very cute SUNflower.
Next week's Unplugged project is: DARK


Jaks said...

great! cute sunflower. thanks for the link to the sunprint kit, thats what we wanted to do , but couldn't seem to find the materials. Thanks to your link, I have now found an online toy store here in Australia which sends the kit out!! excellent!! fun fun fun

heavenly bliss said...

Wow I love your sunprints. I have never seen the kit before. I keep saying I need to get in on these unplugged projects. Maybe this week??
xoxo Jenny

Rhonda said...

That is just the cutest little sunflower craft. I just love DLTK!

Clemencia said...

what an awesome project, thanks for sharing :)

~Bobbi~ said...

Super cute!!!! And I love when people show me good books to read with the kids!