Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey, Mama Goose--a book review

From School Library Journal:
"When the old woman who lives in the shoe decides she and her kids are too cramped, she calls on the local real estate agent, Mama Goose, who suggest she move into Snow White and the seven dwarfs' dwelling--they're staying at Rapunzel's. And so the romp begins..."
We had all sorts of fun with this book today!! It is written in rhyme with fun illustrations.
The four youngest kids 3-9 all enjoyed it--over and over. It was especially fun when the littlest kids would yell out the fairy tale characters as they appeared in the story.
The ending is very sweet when the Old Lady that Lives in a Shoe, and all her children, realize that there is "No place like a shoe" even if it is a tight squeeze for a large family.
It sounds like my house!!

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