Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Fair Lady--Holy Cross Academy

Although you can't tell by the following photos, there were other people in the Holy Cross Academy production of My Fair Lady besides Collins' children. But, since this is my blog, you mainly see Collins' kids.
Laura as a beautiful Cockney

Danny was a great drunk as Alfred P Doolittle. (I don't think it sounds right to say that last sentence, but it was really true)
Amy and Laura-society ladies
Amy---The costumes were rented this year, and they were absolutely awesome.
Amy and Steve
Mark testing out the set after the show.
Gracie and Mark
Alfred P Doolittle--"I'm Getting Married in the Morning"
Amy and Ben
Laura finished up the show in a nightgown--it also was 11:30 at night, so her attire was quite appropriate.

Great job, everyone! It was another fabulous show!!


Rhonda said...

Those costumes are just awesome! They all look wonderful!

Aunt Jean said...

Looks like a great job by a great bunch. Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awesome activities the past couple weeks. Yeah for spring! Keep on enjoying the sunshine. Kim