Monday, June 9, 2008

Author Fiesta for June- Mem Fox

Thanks to Cay for getting us started on our June-Author Fiesta.
We have begun our journey into the world of Mem Fox.

We went to the library right away and check out the seven Mem Fox books that our library had on their shelves. (I ordered alot more through the inter-loan library system-they will be arriving soon.)
I also found this tape at the library of Mem Fox reading some of her stories. This is real fun.

As we learned from Cay, Mem Fox lives in Autralia. This fact about Mem Fox gave us a wonderful opportunity to revisit our Australia Lapbook we made this past year. Cay provides a map of Autralia to add to our Author Fiesta binder, and an information sheet about Australia on the Author Fiesta site.
I think our favorite Australian activity we have done so far, that we did not do for the lapbook project, was to learn two wonderful Australian songs. Waltzing Matilda, and Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees.
We have printed out the lyrics to both of these songs and have put them in our binders. We don't really need the lyrics printed out anywhere though, as we have all memorized both of the songs. As one of my teenagers asked, "What, are we Australian now?"
I can't wait to hear more ideas from Cay. I also have some more ideas of my own to come!

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Erin said...

I just love your enthusiasm and imagination for author fiesta. Keep the ideas coming;) Oh I have one for Mem Fox, you could make lamingtons, I'll have to share the recipe.