Friday, June 27, 2008

Matthew's on his way...

It is hard for me to believe that my baby boy is graduating from high school tonight. I am going to have to sound like my mother and say, "Where did the time go?"

One reason I know that this is true is by the amount of preparations that are taking place around me. Everyone has been helping in what can only be described as a frantic whirlwind.

We are hosting, along with two other families, 300 guests tomorrow at Oneida lake.

Laura made a super card box for her brother's cards.

I did feel Matthew should contribute something to his party, so with the encouragement of his girlfriend, Alexis, they put together the photo board.

If you have a chance, leave a comment wishing Matt a hearty congratulations!! (It has been a long road to get here!!)


Jennifer in TX said...

Congratulations on your graduation, Matthew!

Joann, congratulations on surviving the party! :)

God bless you all.

Len & Heather said...

Congratulations Matt!!!
God bless you!!!
Heather - Doodle Acres

Bridget said...

Congratulations Matthew! May God Bless your future!

Stacy said...

Congratulations on graduating high school! I know that your're future will be bright! P.S. What an adorable baby photo!

Rhonda said...

Congrats Matt! Great going!

Jessie Mae said...

Congratulations on graduation Matt! We wish you the best in everything you do.

KC said...

Congratulations!!! May God bless you!