Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seamus' Story: In Honor of Patricia Polacco

The following is a story Mark narrated to me, inspired by Patricia Polacco's stories about true events in her life--even sad events.
The previous post is Gracie's story with an explaination of this wonderful "Author Fiesta" idea.

When my dog Seamus died, I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.

It happened last year.

I loved him even though he bit my arm. Even though he gave me a scar on my arm that will probably last my whole life.

I know Seamus loved me because he liked to play with me, and I liked to play with him. We liked to throw his bone and squeaky toy outside and he would hide with it.

I never knew it would be so much fun to have a black dog with a white paws and white between his eyes.

I miss him. I hope the new dog is just like him.

The End

Author's Note: We have a lot of fun now, but I still miss Seamus. Whenever I look at my scar, I think of him.

By Mark: 8 years old

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Rhonda said...

Aww what a touching story. Your kids are great little writers. Thanks for sharing.