Thursday, June 26, 2008

Author Fiesta-Tough Boris

Thanks to the Author Fiesta and Mem Fox, it has been all about pirates around here lately.

Tough Boris by Mem Fox

From Publisher Weekly: "Boris the pirate is as mean, greedy and scary as they come. But when his parrot dies, he mourns like anyone else."
This book naturally led to a full pirate study. I found this set of pirates at Michael's craft store. They have been played with constantly.
We also studied about a real pirate-Blackbeard. We read the book Blackbeard's Last Fight, and enjoyed it as a family, although some of us weren't really thrilled with the graphic depiction of Blackbeard's demise. This is to serve as a warning to folks with sensitive children, my kids thought it was gross and "cool".
Homeschool Share has some wonderful activies to do about Blackbeard and pirates. We didn't make a lapbook, but instead, we will be adding our pirate activities to our Author Fiesta binder.

We watched this fun classic Disney movie. Everyone enjoyed it!
We now have foamie pirates decorating out fridge, and we are all good at pirate talking, "argggg, matey!"
I was very surprised at the amount of piratey stuff there is out there. This is one topic that we have never gotten into deeply, but I now have a feeling that it is a subject that we will be revisiting often.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome study-Aaron would like to borrow and read that book!! Kim PS-can Mark bring the pirates with him to play with Aaron next gettogether?

Rhonda said...

Great Pirate unit study! I love the little fridge pirates. Too cute.

Teacher of One said...

Where did you get the disney movie on DVD. I love that movie from when I was a Kid and have never even seen it on VHS?