Monday, June 16, 2008

First Thing Meme

Lisa , over at Are We There Yet? tagged me for this really quick and fun meme.

The first thing I thought today: " I wonder who has to go to school this morning?" It is finals week, and everyone's schedule is here and there.

The first thing I ate today: Chocolate pop-tart- Aldi's brand.

The first thing I drank today: diet-coke

The first thing I said today: " Snuggle down under the covers with me Kimberly, and you will get warm."

The first action I did today: changed the same child's diaper

The first thing I read today: my e-mail

The first item of clothing I put on today: blue and brown striped polo shirt (Danny's)

The first person I spoke to today: I may have said "love you" to may husband at 5:30-I hope I did!

The first chore I did today: I got the first load of ALOT of laundry started.

The first blog I visited today: Montessori Mom - because it was up on my Google Reader and the entry title was "free download"! That gets my attention everytime.

Now, I tag:
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Stacy at Ava Elizabeth and Brendan James


Lisa said...

It's so funny, but not surprising, huh? That almost all mom's first words and actions are to and with the Littlest ~ with a few words murmered to hubby first thing... &:o) Blessing to you today, Joann!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your "Meme" posts. It's nice to know that we're all in the same boat!! Kim

Anonymous said...



Rhonda said...

I enjoyed reading these. I will have mine up sometime this week hon.

Rhonda said...

Ok hon, mine is up. :0)