Friday, June 20, 2008

Party Day

Today began our second week of graduation parties. (Matt's graduation isn't until next week.)
Today we got to the party at a campground and were greeted in the parking lot by this pretty mourning cloak butterfly--I knew it would be a good day!
Be warned, the following is a very photo heavy post.

Matt, looking every bit the part of a soon to be graduate.

Don't leave without us!
An unknown visitor at the campground playground. (If you happen to know what kind of beetle this is, let me know)
Amy catches some air,
and Mark doesn't know up from down.
Baby robins inside the picnic pavilion.
Waiting for the boat with Daddy.
All aboard- they are tied to the dock-but they don't seem to care.
A picture perfect boy.
And off they go--tubing! Amy and Michaela.

Laura and Alanna
We are almost home--what a sight!
Sunshine on the windmils
On our return home we were greeted by this pretty doe, trying to sneak into the yard.
A wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect day! The graduation parties this year are going to be amazing. "Stay Tuned". Kim

Alice Gunther said...

And a good time was has by all!

Great shots!

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful day! That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the photos.